Healthcare support and advocacy for LGBTQ Iowans

Members of the LGBTQ community often encounter discrimination when seeking healthcare from providers who are not trained to care for their specific needs. One Iowa provides these resources to empower LGBTQ members to access empathetic healthcare.

One Iowa proudly provides a list of resources for LGBTQ Iowans and allies. Inclusion on our website does not warrant or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or outcome. You must fully vet each resource. If you’re unsure of what provider is a good fit for you, reach out to Program Director Max Mowitz at

LGBTQ Inclusive Healthcare Providers

LGBTQ-Specific providers can provide services directly related to the LGBTQ community (gender-affirming services, PreP, and PeP. LGBTQ- Inclusive providers are providers that can see LGBTQ clients but aren’t necessarily trained in LGBTQ- Specific issues.

Primary Health Care
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Contact: 515-248-1600

Planned Parenthood
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Services provided:
Contact: 1-800-230-7526

Unity Point LGBTQ Clinics
LGBTQ Specific Care

UnityPoint Clinic LGBTQ – Methodist Plaza
Des Moines
UnityPoint Health desires to meet the specific health care needs of the LGBTQ community in Central Iowa by providing a safe and affirming environment and overcome the stigma and discrimination that persons in the LGBTQ community often face.

UnityPoint Clinic LGBTQ – Prairie Parkway
Cedar Falls
The staff at UnityPoint Clinic – LGBTQ – Prarie Parkway has undergone training through the Safe Zone Project to ensure you receive your care in a welcoming environment with a team who strives to deliver quality affirming care with dignity and sensitivity to all our patients.

UCS Healthcare
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Contact: 515-280-3860

Downtown Dental
LGBTQ Inclusive Dental Care
Contact: 515-207-6093

University of Iowa LGBTQ Clinic – Iowa City
The University of Iowa LGBTQ clinic offers dedicated health services in a comfortable, caring environment to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, gender fluid, and anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ communities.

Central Iowa VA
Offering medical care, mental health services, and support for LGBTQ veterans, including PreP, hormone replacement therapy, speech therapy, wigs, padded bras, gaffs, binders, packers, STP devices, and more.

LGBTQ Veteran Care Coordinator
Drew O’Leary BSN, RN (he/him/his)
3600 30th St, Des Moines, IA 50310

COVID Recovery Iowa
The State of Iowa has received federal funding from FEMA to offer free virtual counseling and assistance to those affected, in any way, by COVID-19. For more information, check out their website. If you have additional questions contact: Ash Roberts at

Iowa Department of Public Health’s Care For Yourself Program
One Iowa partners with the Iowa Department of Public Health to connect eligible LGBTQ Iowans, particularly older queer women and transgender individuals, to their cancer screening program. The Care for Yourself program has local staff that can help you schedule: clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, Pap tests, and tests to check your risk for heart disease. Through the program, eligible LGBTQ Iowans can qualify for free or low-cost healthcare services.

Sexual Health Services, STI/STD Supplies and Screening, Harm Reduction Supplies, Needle Disposable Boxes, Hepatitis Vaccinations, PrEP referrals, Educational Resources

(563) 513-6123

Love in The Face
Navigating the legal paperwork involved in transition can be an overwhelming task. Love in the Face provides a no-cost step-by-step coaching process that empowers you to complete your legal name and/or gender marker change. Contact Nia Chiaramonte today to schedule a 30-minute consultation to assess your objectives and get your process rolling. Nia will be available to you during your journey, encouraging you as you complete your legal gender-affirming process.

Surrogacy support
LGBTQ- Inclusive or 855-995-2229
Des Moines based, serves entire Midwest

ChildServe LGBTQ- Inclusive Child Care and Services
Locations in Eastern and Central Iowa


LGBTQ Inclusive Individual Providers

Dr. Matthew Abendroth
Family Medicine

Dr. Amy Bingaman
OB/GYN, Broadlawns

Dr. John Carstensen
Internal Medicine, Unity Point

Dr. Wendi Harris
Pediatrics, Unity Point

Dr. Angela Knoblauch
Internal Medicine, Unity Point

Dr. Richard Robus
Pediatrics, Unity Point

Dr. Matthew Molin
Primary Care/Family Medicine, Unity Point

Dr. Kaaren Olesen
D.O., Broadlawns

Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson, ARNP, AAHIVS HIV Clinical Director

Aaron Hahn
LGBTQ Inclusive Medical Care
Hearing, ear infections, testing hearing, hearing aids
All ages
Broadlawns Medical Center

Dana Danley
LGBTQ Inclusive Medical Care
Family Medicine
All Ages
Broadlawns Medical Center

Kelsey Randel
LGBTQ Inclusive Medical Care
Family Medicine, OBGYN focus
All Ages
Broadlawns Medical Center

Kasi Schuppe
LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Adults ages 30-55
Enhance PT

Lindsey Christianson
LGBTQ Inclusive Medical Care Provider
Primary Care
All Ages
Broadlawns Medical Center

Chantell Howard
LGBTQ Inclusive Electrolysis
Bare Beaute

Mary Hausler, Amy Little, Cari Everhart, Natalie Kruse
University of Iowa – Iowa City
Specific Physical health
Pelvic Floor PT, specialization in scoliosis, lymphedema, hip pain, and back pain, can screen for other pain.

Mollie Hammer
LGBTQ- Inclusive Physical Health
Physical Therapy – Pelvic Health
Ages 13+


LGBTQ Mental Health Care Providers

LGBTQ-Specific providers can provide services directly related to the LGBTQ community (gender dysphoria, coming out, surgery/HRT notes and documentation, etc.) LGBTQ- Inclusive providers can see LGBTQ clients but aren’t necessarily trained in LGBTQ- Specific issues.

Des Moines Metro Area

Ramona Wink
LGBTQ-Inclusive Counseling
515 Therapy & Counseling

Larissa Bustamante
Larissa Bustamante, MA, LMHC
Outpatient Mental Health Therapist
Ph: 515-991-2086

Megan Runchey
LGBTQ Inclusive Counseling
New Beginnings Counseling

Samantha Tratchel LISW
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Trauma-Informed, EMDR, specialize in adolescents that have experienced abuse
Children and Families of Iowa

Bridgette Hensley
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Anxiety disorders, trauma work, suicide preventing education and training, mood disorders, bipolar, depression, ADHD
Vida Psychotherapy
515-528-7892 ext 104

Katie Cabreriza
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Prairie Wellness

Jeffrey Kramer
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Relationship therapy/couples council, Kink community, adult therapy only

Madi Musson
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Specialized training in working with relationships/families and children. Art therapy and expression-based modalities.

Amy Bonebrake
LGBTQ- Inclusive Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling
Access Evaluations and Education

Kelsey Taylor
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling

Lacey Combs LMSW
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
EMDR, Play Therapy, Substance Abuse, and Survivors of Domestic Violence
EMDR and Beyond

Samantha Kemp Carlin, LMHC
LGBTQ-Specific Counseling
Adolescent Therapy
LGBTQ+ Issues, Trauma, Dysregulation and Personality Disorders, Co-Occurring Disorders Motivational Enhancement Therapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MET/CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Iowa Homeless Youth Centers Counseling
515-883-2379 ex. 8625

Sharaine Conner, LMSW
LGBTQ-Inclusive Counseling
Adult Therapy
Addition (Gambling, Gaming, Drugs and Alcohol, Sex), Anxiety, Depression, Sexual health and Human sexuality, Attachment issues, Relationship, and Premarital/marital issues
Thriving Families Counseling Services

Nicole Holmberg, Ph.D
Adult individual therapy
LGBTQ-specific therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, process-based cognitive behavioral therapy. Click on the link below to learn more about me.
Prairie Wellness

Joby Holcomb
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
Addiction, Anger Management, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Codependency, Coping Skills, Depression, Divorce, Dual Diagnosis, HRT and Surgery Assessment and Preparation, Infidelity, Intersex, Non-binary, Gender Dysphoria, Marital and Premarital, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Oppositional Defiance, Self Esteem, Self-Harming, Sexual Abuse, Substance Use, Suicidal Ideation, Transgender, Trauma, and PTSD

Mandy Harris, LISW
LGBTQ-Inclusive Therapy
Children (Ages 12 +) and Adults
Trauma/Complex Trauma, Grief/Loss, Attachment, Sexual identity, Gender identity, Depression, Anxiety, Life Adjustment issues
Compass Clinical Associates

Joe Nixon, LISW
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
Ages 8+ and Families
LGBT+ related stress, LGBT+ relationships (extra), mood disorders, anxiety-related disorders, trauma/PTSD, and attachment disorders.
Stepping Stone Family Services

Madison Musson, LMFT
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
All ages
EMDR, Art Therapy, Loss & grief, trauma, gender & sexual diversity (including LGBTQIA+ and ethical non-monogamy/polyamory), children and adolescents, spirituality, and anxiety
Creatively Thriving, LLC

Amy Pals, LMHC
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
Trauma and PTSD, Oppositional Defiance

Shelly Clymer, Ph.D., LMFT LGBTQ- Inclusive Therapy
Couples and Family Therapy
life adjustments and transitions, confidence and self, grief, parenting, sexuality, anxiety and depression

Kelsey Finch, LMHC-T
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
Couples, families, adolescents, and adults
New Beginnings Counseling Service
(515) 401-6886

Susin Bredice, LISW
LGBTQ- Inclusive Therapy
Individual, Family, Couples Counseling, all ages
EMDR, PMIC and residential care, child welfare, attachment, foster care, and adoption, couples counseling
New Beginnings Counseling Service

Megan Runchey, LMSW
LGBTQ- Inclusive Therapy
Teens and Adults, Individual and Couples Counseling
Intellectual disabilities, chronic mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, trauma, life changes/stressors, and adults with intellectual or cognitive delays
New Beginnings Counseling Service

Douglas Aupperle, Ph.D
LGBTQ-Specific Therapy
Children and Adolescents
Anxiety, attention disorders, Bowen Family Systems therapy, child sexual abuse, E.M.D.R. (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), working with LGBT youth and parents, stress and coping in children, and trauma
Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

Ashley Parker
LGBTQ Specific Mental Health Provider
Trauma Informed Care, EMDR, EBT, CBT, motivational interviewing
Teens and Adults
Broadlawns Medical Center

Megan Matulka
LGBTQ Specific Mental Health Provider
Works with any diagnosis: depression, anxiety, co occurring disorders, letters for HRT
Ages 13+

Johanna Grenko
LGBTQ Inclusive Mental Health Provider
Internal Family Systems

Hilary Johnson
LGBTQ Specific Counseling
Children age 10+ and adults
Individual and family therapy
EMDR, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, LGBTQIA+ issues, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, relationships, PTSD, foster care, adoption, fertility, HRT and Surgery Assessment, and Preparation.
Prism Therapy Solutions

Tricia Yavitz
LGBTQ- Specific Therapy
Adults, Couples, and Families
Depression, anxiety, sexuality and identity issues, grief counseling, first responder issues, stress management, addiction and recovery, conflict resolution, gender identity.
TRY Therapy

Geoffrey Hills, D.O.
LGBTQ- Specific Care
Depression, bipolar, anxiety, attention disorders, thought disorders.
Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

Kayla Bell
Drake Counseling Center and Broadlawns – Des Moines
Specialties: trauma-based approaches, shame, identity development, BIPOC individuals, mood disorders, personality disorders, DBT, EMDR, IFS 17+

Megan Conrad
Covenant Family Solutions – Cedar Falls
Specialties: anxiety, ADHD, children, college age students

Sydnee Feuerhelm
Drake Counseling Center – Des Moines
Phone Number: 515-271-2011
Specialties: Trauma Informed Care Certificate, CBT, EMDR

Tyler Lewis
Drake Counseling Center – Des Moines
Phone Number: 515-271-2011
Specialties: Sexuality, hypersexuality, experience working specifically with gay men

Ricc Terranova
Inclusive Mental Health EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Informed Care, CBT

Elizabeth Moreno
Children and Adolescents, play therapy, trauma work, EMDR, CBT, school stressors, behavioral concerns

Vanessa Andrews
Des Moines
24/7 Urgent Care Services
Inclusive Mental Health Crisis/Urgent Care needs

Jenny Erdman

Susan Wilson
515-282-5695 Direct: 8972

Rachel Filzer
Inclusive Mental Health Psychiatric care

Barbara Arends
Inclusive Mental Health

Mitchell Hollingshead
515 Therapy – West Des Moines
Specific Mental Health
Depression, anxiety, identity issues

Julie Rice
Broadlawns – Des Moines
Inclusive Mental Health
Mindfulness, yoga

Rachel Johnson
Prairie Wellness -Des Moines
Specific Mental Health LGBTQ issues, stress, anxiety

Jennie Plummer
LMHC; LGBTQ+ Specific Counseling
Thrive Counseling Center
LGBTQ-Specific Mental Health

Chad Elbandagji
Specific Mental Health
Autism ADHD, Foster care, legal system, letters for gender-affirming care

James Neubauer 
Cedar Rapids, state-wide telehealth optional
Insight Therapy Group
Training in Internal Family Systems, IFIO (Couples/Partnership work) LGBTQ, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, non-monogamous, kink


Eli Trumpy
LGBTQ-Specific Mental Health Provider
Private Practice
Contact via email ( or website
Primarily telehealth (Iowa state-wide coverage)
Specialties: LGBTQ clients, nonmonogamy and kink (can see couples/nonmonogamous units), work with sexual assault survivors, trauma-informed care, can provide letters for gender-affirming care

Tiffany Thomas-Killam (she/her)
Veda Psychotherapy

Adolescents and older

Abby Bottorff
New Moon Counseling Alliance
LGBTQ-Specific Mental Health
Ages: 11+
LGBTQ identity-based work, grief therapy, intersectional feminist lens, Internal Family Systems (parts work, trauma, etc.), letter writing for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse patients.

Emily Loynachan
Central Iowa Psychological Services
515-233-1122 Ex. 155
Inclusive Mental Health Provider
Ages 4+
Compassion cultivation training, compassion and self care, trauma focused CBT, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Trust based relational intervention

Michelle Hancock

Central Iowa Psychological Services
Inclusive Mental Health Medication/Psychiatry Services

Emerge Therapy
Telehealth only
LGBTQ-Specific Mental Health Provider
Marriage and family therapist, couples therapist, EFT, Sexual Health, knowledgeable on Trans issues and general mental health resources.

LGBTQ Inclusive Doulas

Jazzmine Brooks
LGBTQ Affirming Doula
Jai Olive Wellness & Rural Black Doula
Full-Spectrum Doula and Yoga Instructor
Note: Not currently taking birth doula clients
Jai Olive Doula Drop-In Clinic

Storm O’Brink 

Full spectrum, abortion, miscarriage, birth, post-partum, doula
RVAP (Rape Victim Advocacy Program) at University of Iowa
Iowa City based, can see folks in Johnson, Cedar, Iowa, Washington, Henry, Lee, Van Buren, and Des Moines counties


Charge for services: None
Services provided primarily to survivors of medical violence and/or sexual assault

Jennifer Leatherby (they/them)
End of Life Doula
Trained with the International End of Life Doula association, School of American Thanatology, Sacred Crossings
Central Iowa


LGBTQ Healthcare National Resources

Human Rights Campaign – LGBTQ Patient Resources
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) provides resources for LGBTQ patients to help navigate topics such as the affordable care act, healthcare discrimination, and guidance for trans patients.

Trans Voice Training – Your Lessons Now
Your Lessons Now is a multi-state company that provides online transgender voice lessons for voice feminization, voice masculinization, and androgynous voice. Contact information:

Trans Vocal Training
Trans vocal training by trans people, for trans people – since 2013, they have been helping students retrain their speech to sound more masculine, feminine, or androgynous – whatever their unique trans voice goals.

American Addiction Centers 

Drug Addiction and Abuse in the LGBTQ Community discusses why so many LGBTQ individuals abuse drugs and give a list of helpful resources.

Looking at the Landscape of LGBTQ and Gay-Friendly Rehabs provides statistics on LGBTQ populations & addiction, where to find an LGBTQ-friendly rehab center, and a substance abuse self-assessment.

Your Guide to LGBTQIAPK Addiction Treatment gives information on what LGBTQIAPK means, substance abuse & addiction statistics, and LGBTQIAPK addiction treatment.

LGBTQ Rehab Centers for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender A medically reviewed guide to help find treatment specialized for the LGBTQ community.

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Emily Brown

Partnering with One Iowa and bringing their leadership and expertise to the table to work alongside our Executive Leadership team allowed UnityPoint Health to begin providing frequent and regular LGBTQ education for teams across the system… The impact the partnership with One Iowa has had will live on for decades to come.

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