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Because many of us spend so much time at work, it is crucial that our workplace be a space where we feel safe and welcome. However, nearly half of LGBTQ individuals are not out in the workplace, and that statistic has remained largely unchanged in the past decade according to the Human Rights Campaign.

LGBTQ individuals, especially transgender people, also face barriers to gaining employment in the first place, which jeopardizes access to healthcare, housing, and more.

One Iowa provides programming and resources to help employers create inclusive workplaces and connect LGBTQ Iowans with fulfilling career opportunities. Not only is creating safe and affirming workplaces the right thing to do, but it also makes business sense to make this a priority.

LGBTQ Workplace Culture Summit

The LGBTQ Workplace Culture Summit is an annual event where experts provide insight and resources for employers looking to cultivate safe and inclusive workplaces. Attendees learn more about the LGBTQ community, how to make more inclusive policies, attract and retain LGBTQ talent, and effective allyship to create meaningful change at your workplace.

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Workplace Inclusivity Trainings

Training and Policy Guidance

A key component of our work with employers is emphasizing how working in a welcoming and accepting environment improves the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ employers. When LGBTQ employees are able to bring their whole selves to work, they are more productive and likely to stay in their position long-term. It’s not only right for employers to make their employees’ well-being a focus, but it also makes business sense. 

We provide specialized LGBTQ inclusivity training and policy guidance for employers and HR professionals to ensure their workplace is a safe and affirming environment for all employees.

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success stories

Gary Moore

One Iowa has been the go-to organization for thoughtful responses to issues arising in the community. The LGBTQ Older Adults Conference has been another such response. It provides leadership and workshops to thoughtfully explore the needs of our gay seniors, those that led the way 30-40 years ago and can continue to do so with our help.

  • Gary Moore
  • LGBTQ Activist
Emily Brown

Partnering with One Iowa and bringing their leadership and expertise to the table to work alongside our Executive Leadership team allowed UnityPoint Health to begin providing frequent and regular LGBTQ education for teams across the system… The impact the partnership with One Iowa has had will live on for decades to come.

  • Emily Brown
  • UnityPoint Health
Heidi Yang

The people are what drew me to One Iowa and why I’ve been volunteering here since 2008. The staff at One Iowa have always been kind, considerate, and accepting. I admire the work they do and I’m happy to help out in whatever way I can; whether it’s doing data entry or volunteering at an event.

  • Heidi Yang
  • One Iowa volunteer
Portrait of Jarrel Johnson

This experience has definitely created a fire in me to think about how I can be more active; how I can leave this space in a better place than it was when I got here.

  • Jarrel Johnson
  • LGBTQ Leadership Institute 2018
Portrait of Mariah Himes

I had the opportunity to see people like me in [leadership] positions, which honestly was super empowering. I can now visualize myself in different kinds of roles.

  • Mariah Himes
  • LGBTQ Leadership Institute 2018
Headshot of Kristel Payne

Max came and did a lunch and learn for us on non-binary and was their normal wonderful self. I had several comments afterwards and people really enjoyed the presentation, but even better, they learned a lot and it opened more minds and hopefully created more allies.

  • Kristel Payne
  • Bankers Trust