Workplace LGBTQ education and cultural competency training

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One Iowa trains staff and volunteers for organizations and institutions, both large and small. Trainings prepare participants to embrace LGBTQ staff, clients, students, and community members. Programs may be tailored to suit the needs of health care providers, local and federal agencies, law enforcement facilities, legal and HR groups, corporations, small businesses, and more.

Whatever your goals, One Iowa has the knowledge and expertise to deliver an affordable, quality program. We require that all training sessions be scheduled by the 15th of the month before.

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600/hour (nonprofit fee structure available) 

Our LGBTQ 101 training is a foundational course that focuses on building an understanding of the LGBTQ community and developing skills and habits necessary to being an inclusive LGBTQ ally. This training covers information about LGBTQ identities and terminology, including information about gender, sexual orientation, and gender expression. The best practices described in this training include pronouns, gender-neutral language, and the art of the apology. The One Iowa team can build additional modules onto this training and is happy to tailor its curriculum to the needs of your organization. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe LGBTQ terminology and identities, including sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 
  • Identify issues that impact LGBTQ individuals within the scope of your work. 
  • Define and utilize best practices for LGBTQ inclusivity, including gender-neutral language, pronouns, and the art of the apology 
  • Discuss obstacles and challenges when creating LGBTQ-inclusive spaces and describe accessible solutions.
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600/hour (nonprofit fee structure available) 

This LGBTQ 201 briefly reviews and builds on basic LGBTQ terminology and best practices covered in our LGBTQ 101. This training emphasizes information about LGBTQ discrimination and disparities and seeks to create an understanding of how systems of oppression impact the LGBTQ community.  Participants can also expect the opportunity to practice and hone their knowledge of best practices and inclusive skills through scenario-based learning. We only recommend this training to organizations that have already undergone LGBTQ-specific education.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Briefly review and discuss LGBTQ identities, terminology, and best practices covered in our LGBTQ 101. 
  • Illustrate the impact of anti-LGBTQ barriers, hostility, and discrimination on the lives of LGBTQ individuals state and nationwide. 
  • Strengthen knowledge and application of LGBTQ-inclusive best practices through scenario-based learning relevant to the scope of attendees’ work.  
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Trans & Nonbinary 101

600/hour (nonprofit fee structure available) 

This training focuses on issues related specifically to the Trans and Nonbinary community and is an excellent follow-up training to an LGBTQ 101 session, or it can stand alone. This session covers Trans and Nonbinary terminology, information about discrimination and disparities faced by the Trans and Nonbinary community, and best practices for working with Trans and Nonbinary individuals in any environment. This training is designed to be adapted to your organization’s concerns and needs.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe or review terminology related to the Trans and Nonbinary community, including gender, gender expression, and the Trans and Nonbinary umbrella. 
  • Analyze the disparities faced by Trans and Nonbinary individuals in Iowa and beyond and recognize the positive impact of Trans and Nonbinary resilience. 
  • Discuss obstacles around creating an inclusive space for Trans and Nonbinary individuals and develop skills and best practices for working with Trans and Nonbinary individuals in your organization/everyday work. 
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LGBTQ Safe(r)Zone

600/hour (nonprofit fee structure available) 

The One Iowa Safe Zone is a training focused on a comprehensive LGBTQ curriculum and developing necessary skills for working with LGBTQ individuals. It includes LGBTQ 101 and 201 content and prioritizes scenario-based learning for increased comprehension and comfort. It is designed to be tailored to the organization’s challenges and needs. 

This training is recommended for 3-5 hours, depending on the needs and capacity of the organization, and can be divided into different training sessions. Please reach out to a One Iowa staff member for more information. 

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Pricing & Module Add Ons:

600/hour (nonprofit fee structure available) 

All training sessions begin at 1 hour and may be expanded based on organizational need and content added. All training sessions may include any module from the selected list. Additionally, training may be requested in Spanish; for more information on sessions in Spanish, please email


Workplace Best Practices 

  • This module provides additional information and content for supporting LGBTQ individuals in the workplace. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Develop strategies to include LGBTQ individuals in the workplace, including organization-specific policy recommendations. 

Healthcare Best Practices 

  • This module includes best practices and recommendations for supporting LGBTQ patients in a healthcare setting. This module also emphasizes the disparities LGBTQ patients face in the healthcare system and beyond. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Review best practices and recommendations for meeting the needs of LGBTQ patients in a healthcare setting, including appropriate intake and screening, insurance protocols, and wrap-around services. 

Mental Health Best Practices 

  • This module focuses on best practices for mental health providers or folks who work in the mental health field, which can include letter-writing for gender-affirming care, bridging mental health disparities, and understanding the unique mental health issues faced by LGBTQ folks. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Acknowledge mental health issues specific to the LGBTQ community and develop skills necessary to provide LGBTQ clients with appropriate mental health care. 

Dental Care Best Practices 

  • This module equips dental care providers with additional information on the dental health needs of LGBTQ patients and appropriate intake. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Identify LGBTQ-specific dental health care needs. 

Gender Affirming Care 

  • This module provides an entry-level understanding of the basics of gender-affirming care, including hormone replacement therapy, gender-affirming surgeries, vocal training, and other gender-affirming practices. While One Iowa facilitators are not healthcare providers, they can help participants develop a basic understanding of these practices and their importance to the LGBTQ community. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Describe gender-affirming care practices and recognize their importance for LGBTQ patients. 

Trauma Informed Care 

  • This module provides additional information on the benefits of Trauma Informed Care when working with LGBTQ individuals. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Describe trauma-informed care principles related to the LGBTQ community, including supportive language, motivational interviewing, and culturally appropriate referrals. 

LGBTQ-Affirming Direct Service 

  • This module provides direct service providers with additional recommendations for working with LGBTQ community members. This module can be helpful for direct service staff in fields including child welfare, victim support, public services, and more. This module is designed to be customized to your organization’s services. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Recognize specific barriers faced by LGBTQ individuals and their families and understand best practices for LGBTQ-affirming direct service support. 

LGBTQ Iowa Health Outcomes

  • This module guides participants through the findings from the 2021 Iowa LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment and provides context and recommendations to better meet the needs of LGBTQ individuals. 
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Review critical findings from the 2021 Iowa LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment and understand recommendations for reducing disparities and barriers for LGBTQ Iowans. 

Small Business Best Practices 

  • This module is helpful for small businesses that are interested in providing LGBTQ-affirming customer and employee experiences. Similar to our Workplace Culture training, this session emphasizes recommendations for smaller businesses and is meant to be tailored to your needs.
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Recognize the importance of LGBTQ-inclusive practices and review recommendations for LGBTQ-affirming organizational policies.  

Nonprofit Best Practices 

  • In this module, recommendations are tailored specifically to nonprofit organizations, including workplace and client policies. This can be combined with our Direct Service Best Practices if your agency provides direct service support.
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Demonstrate understanding of LGBTQ-affirming policies and practices better to meet the needs of your nonprofit staff and clients.  

LGBTQ Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support

  • This module provides specific recommendations to sexual assault and domestic violence support teams and advocates, ranging from organizational policies and protocols to emergency support best practices for responding to crisis calls and advocating with LGBTQ clients. This module also covers the root causes of violence in the LGBTQ communities and the unique disparities the community faces.
  • Module-specific learning outcome: Discuss causes of domestic violence and sexual assault in the LGBTQ community and recognize disparities and barriers faced by LGBTQ survivors and victims. Review best practices for working alongside LGBTQ clients and develop skills to provide LGBTQ-competent crisis support.