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LGBTQ-Specific organizations can provide services directly related to the LGBTQ community (gender-affirming services, PreP, and PeP. LGBTQ- Inclusive organizations have providers that can see LGBTQ clients but aren’t necessarily trained in LGBTQ- Specific issues. Inclusion on our website does not warrant or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or outcome. You must fully vet each resource.

Primary Health Care
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Contact: 515-248-1600

Planned Parenthood
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Services provided: Birth Control, HIV Services, Pregnancy Testing and Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Concerns, STI Testing and Treatment, Gender Affirming Care, Vaccines, Preventative Care
Contact: 1-800-230-7526

Unity Point LGBTQ Clinics

LGBTQ Specific Care and LGBTQ Inclusive Care

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UnityPoint Clinic LGBTQ – Methodist Plaza
Des Moines
UnityPoint Health desires to meet the specific health care needs of the LGBTQ community in Central Iowa by providing a safe and affirming environment and overcome the stigma and discrimination that persons in the LGBTQ community often face.

UnityPoint Clinic LGBTQ – Prairie Parkway
Cedar Falls
The staff at UnityPoint Clinic – LGBTQ – Prarie Parkway has undergone training through the Safe Zone Project to ensure you receive your care in a welcoming environment with a team who strives to deliver quality affirming care with dignity and sensitivity to all our patients.

UCS Healthcare
LGBTQ Specific and LGBTQ Inclusive Care
Contact: 515-280-3860

Downtown Dental
LGBTQ Inclusive Dental Care
Contact: 515-207-6093

University of Iowa LGBTQ Clinic – Iowa City
The University of Iowa LGBTQ clinic offers dedicated health services in a comfortable, caring environment to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, gender fluid, and anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ communities.

Central Iowa VA
Offering medical care, mental health services, and support for LGBTQ veterans, including PreP, hormone replacement therapy, speech therapy, wigs, padded bras, gaffs, binders, packers, STP devices, and more.

LGBTQ Veteran Care Coordinator
Drew O’Leary BSN, RN (he/him/his)
3600 30th St, Des Moines, IA 50310

COVID Recovery Iowa
The State of Iowa has received federal funding from FEMA to offer free virtual counseling and assistance to those affected, in any way, by COVID-19. For more information, check out their website. If you have additional questions contact: Ash Roberts at aroberts@heartlandfamilyservice.org.

Iowa Health and Human Services’ Care For Yourself Program
The Care for Yourself program has local staff that can help you schedule: clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, Pap tests, and tests to check your risk for heart disease. Through the program, eligible LGBTQ Iowans can qualify for free or low-cost healthcare services.

Breast Cancer Screening Services

Cervical Cancer Screening Services

Contact: 1-866-339-7909

Sexual Health Services, STI/STD Supplies and Screening, Harm Reduction Supplies, Needle Disposable Boxes, Hepatitis Vaccinations, PrEP referrals, Educational Resources

(563) 513-6123

Love in The Face
Navigating the legal paperwork involved in transition can be an overwhelming task. Love in the Face provides a no-cost step-by-step coaching process that empowers you to complete your legal name and/or gender marker change. Contact Nia Chiaramonte today to schedule a 30-minute consultation to assess your objectives and get your process rolling. Nia will be available to you during your journey, encouraging you as you complete your legal gender-affirming process.

Surrogacy support
LGBTQ- Inclusive
info@heartlandsurrogacy.com or 855-995-2229
Des Moines based, serves entire Midwest


LGBTQ- Inclusive Child Care and Services
Locations in Eastern and Central Iowa

The Project provides confidential, free or low-cost services to help people living with HIV move through the stages of HIV medical care. The resources available include a prevention testing and educational outreach program, HIV and primary medical care, dental care, case management, mental health services including support groups, medication management, and assistance with health insurance and prescription coverage.