As of September 18, 2023, the ban on medical care for minors in Iowa is in effect. This means minors in Iowa receiving or wanting to receive medical care will no longer be able to in the state. While this law is devastating for LGBTQ youth and their families, One Iowa is here as a resource to guide folks through this transition.

If You’re Already Getting Care:

  • Using medical care in Iowa isn’t illegal; only prescribing it is.
  • You can still use hormones from out of state or a prescribed implant.
  • Talk to your doctor and therapist for referrals to providers outside Iowa.
    • These referrals may take time, as many affirming providers will receive similar calls from other families
    • Ask your provider for medical records to be shared with new providers.
    • Providers in Iowa can still draw labs and coordinate care with out-of-state providers; they cannot prescribe HRT or perform surgeries themselves.
  • Providers in Iowa can’t prescribe hormones or perform surgeries but can help coordinate care.

Dealing with Insurance:

  • Contact your insurance to understand their new policies.
  • Ask if they cover medical care outside of Iowa.
    • Guide on navigating insurance in Iowa

If You Haven’t Started Medical Care Yet:

Can’t Leave the State? 

  • If you’re currently taking hormones, talk to your healthcare provider about how to taper off them.
  • Follow their guidance; don’t stop medication without consulting them.
  • Focus on joyful activities and affirm your gender non-medically (e.g., binders, clothing, makeup, voice therapy, exploring affirming names and pronouns, etc.).

Mental Health Resources:

Coping Strategies: