Everyone has a right to be seen and heard at the Iowa Capitol.

One Iowa

Tips for Advocates Visiting the Iowa State Capitol

We often ask members of the community to join us at the Iowa Capitol for legislative hearings, rallies, and our annual Day on the Hill. Making the trip to Iowa’s Capitol is empowering and we want to ensure anyone who joins us feels safe, comfortable, and included.

Iowa Capitol Address:

1007 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50319


It may be difficult for visitors to find parking spaces when the Iowa Legislature is in session from January to early May of each year. If you are visiting the Complex during this period, we recommend you allow extra time to locate parking.

For more information on parking on the Capitol Complex, follow this link.


When arriving at the capitol, you will be asked to undergo a security screening by capitol staff, who will scan your belongings. The capitol’s primary security is the Iowa State Patrol. Many officers will be present at the capitol.

We are asking that community members do not engage with or intentionally agitate the Iowa State Patrol so we can maintain safety for all those gathering. Though we do not control ISP, we aim to be loud and peaceful. We request that participants gather without signs or flags, which have been banned from the capitol building.

Make no mistake: it is your right as an Iowan to gather in the capitol and share your perspective with legislators. However, disruption of capitol business and engagement with ISP doesn’t serve our message, and it actively puts marginalized folks at risk of violence if law enforcement becomes involved.

Key Recommendations:
-Bring a friend or two and make a plan for parking, safety at the capitol, and care after you leave.
-Review capitol maps to locate the subcommittee room, restrooms, and elevators so you feel comfortable when you arrive.
-Choose a meet-up location with your group in case you are separated at the capitol. This could include a restroom, the cafeteria, or an entrance.
-Take care of yourself after you leave the capitol, especially if you attend alone.

Please reach out to One Iowa staff if you have any questions at info@oneiowa.org.