Courtney Reyes

Pride All Year Long

Pride Month is coming to an end, and we love celebrating in June, but I am asking you to help keep our movement going forward all year long. Discrimination happens every day in our state. We need more than just pronouns; we need folks to use their power and privilege for good. That’s why I’m sharing with you a few ways you can honor pride year-round.

Prioritize Intersectionality 

Make space for LGBTQ people of color everywhere decisions are made. Don’t just invite us to your diversity, equity, and inclusion groups as a token of inclusivity. Listen to our ideas, and help us implement them using your power. Our voices are vibrant, but we have to have the opportunity to shine.

Hire us to train your workplace or organization 

One Iowa spends a significant amount of time training folks all across the state to improve the lives of LGBTQ Iowans. In 2021, we have already trained over 500 professionals in Iowa on LGBTQ best practices, from small nonprofits to large corporations and major healthcare providers. We can tailor the training to fit the needs of your workplace and the types of folks you interact with in the community. To schedule a training, email our Program Director, Max Mowitz at [email protected] 

Become a recurring donor

Help power our work fighting for LGBTQ Iowans year-round by becoming a recurring donor that provides an essential, steady stream of support to our organization. You can start your monthly donation here.

Always keep learning 

At One Iowa, we are always learning and trying to do our best to make sure LGBTQ folks in Iowa have access inclusive healthcare providers, that workplaces that are safe and affirming, and we provide resources for community and social support for those looking for connection. We ask that you are advocates for equality all year – we’ll be right there alongside you fighting to make our state a better place for LGBTQ Iowans.