Older Iowan LGBTQ Resources 2019

LGBTQ Older Adults Advisory Council

One Iowa is committed to addressing the needs of LGBTQ older adults. In order to adequately address the community’s needs, One Iowa has a volunteer LGBTQ Older Adults Advisory Council that meets regularly to advise the organization on its strategy for addressing social isolation, housing, healthcare access, and more.

LGBTQ Older Adults Conference

Each year, One Iowa presents the LGBTQ Older Adults Conference (formerly know as the LGBTQ Senior Summit). This event brings LGBTQ elders, allies, and advocates together with providers of healthcare, housing, and other services.

For more information about the 2019 summit, click here.

LGBT Aging Survey

In 2014, One Iowa conducted a preliminary LGBT Aging Survey.

While LGBT elders confront the same health, housing and social issues that all elders face, they must also deal with the additional challenges of isolation, discrimination and lack of understanding.

According to our survey of LGBT elders (based on nearly 500 respondents):

  • 36.7 percent of LGBT elders live alone. This means LGBT elders rely less on children and family to take care of them.
  • As a result, elders depend mostly on a “family of choice,” many of whom are not acknowledged by official policies and laws. This can create some significant problems later in life.
  • Most surprisingly, many LGBT elders go back into the closet when they go into longterm care.

This is unacceptable, and One Iowa is working to change this unfortunate reality for many LGBT elders. We are meeting with elders in their homes and communities, learning about the problems they face, and documenting their stories. Our survey and focus groups help us assess the social, financial and health issues impacting our LGBT elders. We provide information about healthcare options, and education to providers and the public. In addition, we suggest strategies for reform and create advocacy opportunities with policymakers.

Working with our elders and with nonprofit, policy, health and corporate leaders, One Iowa thoughtfully and respectfully makes a difference in how our LGBT community ages in Iowa.

Click here for an October 2014 report from SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) that looks at the experiences and attitudes of LGBT older adults, age 45-75.