Seth Johnson

Seth Johnson moved from a small town of about 600 in southwest Iowa to Des Moines in late 2012 to attend college. He went on this new adventure not knowing what he wanted to do yet in life, but knew he wanted a degree of some sort. It was when the college he was attending closed in 2015 and he moved home, took a job at Nishna Productions, and realized his passion for advocating for those less advantaged who couldn’t or didn’t know how.

Seth loved advocating for his clients but felt something was still missing. In early 2017, he got involved with politics and joined the Montgomery County Democrats where he currently serves as secretary. This was when he found his true passion for LGBTQ advocacy. He started doing some research, found One Iowa, and applied to the One Iowa Leadership Institute to become a better leader and be an advocate and resource for rural LGBTQ Iowans.

In his free time, Seth enjoys volunteering, watching movies, traveling (especially spur-of-the-moment trips), spending time with his boyfriend, Broadway musicals, and spending time with his two dogs.