Rose Cooney

Rose Cooney is a native of the Beaverdale neighborhood in Des Moines. From a young age her parents instilled the importance of hard work and helping others. These values have stuck with Rose throughout her life. Rose attended the University of Iowa where she studied political science and gender, women’s and sexuality Studies. During college Rose discovered how political action was the way to promote change in her communities.

After college Rose went directly to work on the Hillary Clinton Campaign in Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, and Wisconsin. After the devastating loss, Rose took some time to reevaluate her career path and moved to Chicago where she worked at a housing first nonprofit. After watching the Iowa 2017 legislative session, Rose chose to get back into politics and moved back to Iowa to work on a campaign in Cedar Rapids. Once that experienced ended, she decided to turn her efforts towards the nonprofit sector through community advocacy.

Rose currently works at The Domestic Violence Intervention Program in Iowa City as the Volunteer Coordinator. She is able to utilize her passion for helping others and experience organizing volunteers to support victim/survivors of intimate partner violence.

Rose enjoys drinking cold brew, hanging out with dogs, and watching true crime documentaries in her free time.