Maxwell Love

Maxwell Love was raised in New England and moved from California to eastern Iowa in 2016. Historically out and active in her queer communities but invisible as a bisexual in non-queer aspects of life, she is committed to increasing affirmation of all members of the LGBTQ+ rainbow, both inside and outside of the community.

Her deep goal is intersectional queer community-building and community-enhancement at the local level. She strongly believes in the importance of having vibrant, affirming, queer-centered social hubs consistently available in all towns — accessible, inexpensive, and sober spaces where individuals can create and deepen friendships and community roots. Buoyed by the increasing availability of LGBTQ+ senior housing, she hopes to help actualize an intergenerational collective housing network to provide our LGBTQ+ elders and younger generations opportunities to stave off loneliness and isolation by co-living rewardingly with others.

Maxwell’s activism and awareness work began in the ’90s when she helped educate fellow high school and college students on the AIDS Crisis. As a San Francisco resident in the late ’00s, she rallied repeatedly against Proposition 8 and in favor of same-sex marriage. In Spring 2019, she began volunteer involvement with ACLU’s Rights For All campaign here in Iowa, helping to get presidential candidates on the record on civil liberties topics in the areas of immigrants’ rights, voting rights, reproductive rights, and ending mass incarceration.