Destinee Woodris

Destinee is currently a doctoral student attending Arizona State University’s Leadership and Innovation program while living in Des Moines, IA. She wants to pursue nonprofit research and action. Destinee brings passion for innovation through community engagement via inclusive and equitable training, devoted committee service, programs that spark collaboration and learning, and team supervision. She purposefully seeks out opportunities to promote social justice advocacy.

In her 8+ years of experience, Destinee has served various types of communities in multiple capacities as a trainer and developer, manager, recruiter, consultant, researcher, event planner, policy analyst, and budgetary analyst. Her Top 5 Strengths via Clifton StrengthsQuest are: Connectedness, Individualization, Activator, Learner, and Achiever. She believes that if she stays true to her Clifton Top Five strengths and keeps those lenses in mind, she can collaborate across institutions.

Additionally, Destinee is trained in Safe Zone Training, certified as an Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator and Intergroup Dialogue discussion facilitator, and is a provider of professional development rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion.