Courtney Reyes

Courtney Reyes is a stay-at-home mom turned executive director. After getting a degree from Iowa State in 2006, Courtney knew she would end up in a helping profession. Following graduation, she worked in a substance abuse treatment facility serving women and their children. Courtney spent the next several years raising her two boys. The eve of Barack Obama’s second election lit a fire in Courtney to take action and create change, which led to her work at One Iowa.

As soon as Courtney began her work as an office assistant at One Iowa, she started to take on new challenges and leadership, moving up in the organization and earning the role of Executive Director in 2019. Courtney’s leadership style is focused on empowering and caring for her team to be their very best. She often wears her heart on her sleeve and leads with a motto of “I cry at work.” This passion paired with a drive to make actual change for LGBTQ Iowans throughout the state and her ability to connect with people on a real level make her a highly effective advocate and leader.