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One Iowa trains staff and volunteers for organizations and institutions, both large and small. Trainings prepare participants to embrace LGBTQ staff, clients, students, and community members. Programs may be tailored to suit the needs of health care providers, local and federal agencies, law enforcement facilities, legal and HR groups, corporations, small businesses, and more.

Whatever your goals, One Iowa has the knowledge and expertise to deliver an affordable, quality program. We require that all training sessions be scheduled by the 15th of the month before.

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Our LGBTQ 101 is all about laying the foundations of understanding our community. With a definition of terms, an explanation of gender & sex, an understanding of the disparities faced by the LGBTQ community, and a brief session on using pronouns, our LGBTQ 101 is always the safest place to start understanding the community and becoming an educated ally. We recommend starting here in your LGBTQ inclusion journey!

Training outcomes: 

  • Explain the meaning of the term LGBTQ+ and its associated identities.
  • Describe different LGBTQ terms, including sexual orientation, etc.
  • Inform individuals about the implications of the gender binary within our society
  • Question the notion that … sex is simply “male & female.”
  • Recommend best practices for working with LGBTQ people including pronouns, gender-neutral language, and the art of the apology.
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Our LGBTQ 201 reviews and refreshes individuals on our LGBTQ 101 content with expectations that individuals know the basics of the LGBTQ community. However, this session then takes you beyond the basics and dives into the structures and systems frequently leaving LGBTQ individuals in the margins. With this course, individuals take their allyship best practices and put them to the test in understanding ways the LGBTQ community is discriminated against and situational-based learning. This course also allows individuals to prep for learning more about our Trans and Nonbinary Communities! We recommend starting with our LGBTQ 101 before booking this session.

Training outcomes: 

  • Assess participants’on their knowledge and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Identify examples of LGBTQ discrimination in everyday society
  • Uplift those most marginalized in the LGBTQ community through an understanding of intersectionality
  • Introduce individuals to the difference of terms such as “LGBTQ Friendly,” “LGBTQ Inclusive,” and “LGBTQ Competent.”
  • Introduce participants’ to systems of power and how to navigate them
  • Assess participant knowledge and emphasize skill-building through scenario-based learning and discussion as a group.
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Trans & Nonbinary 101

Our Trans & Nonbinary 101 dives directly into the Transgender and Non-binary experience through Transgender discrimination, the basics of Transitions, correct terminology and so much more. Understanding the differences between sex, gender, gender expression, and identity is key to understanding the contents of this course. We highly recommend this session to follow an LGBTQ 101 or 201.

Training outcomes: 

  • Review the understanding of the terms “Trans/Transgender” & “Non-binary”
  • Describe the difference between sex and gender. Educate on gender identity and gender expression
  • Analyze the deeply rooted gender binary in our society
    • Understanding the downsides of a binary
  • Examine the discrimination that Trans and Nonbinary people face in Iowa and nationwide.
  • Educate on how to actively include Trans/Non-binary individuals in daily practices
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LGBTQ Master Class

Are you up to the challenge? Take all your LGBTQ knowledge learned from our previous sessions and put it to the test in our LGBTQ Masterclass. This 100% situational-based learning session is not offered to organizations that have not held a previous training session with One Iowa. Prepare your staff for all situations with customized situations relevant to the daily work you and your organization do and how it can include or impact LGBTQ lives.

Training outcomes: 

  • To challenge and quiz the knowledge of audience members on LGBTQ basics (Built upon completion of LGBTQ 101, 201, and Trans and Nonbinary 101)
  • Situational-Based Learning is based on situations specific to the organizational needs and standards
  • Asks the audience to actively engage in dialogue and understanding of diverse topics such as workplace discrimination, policy, and advocacy
  • Educate the audience on the bias and responsibilities of an active ally
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LGBTQ Safe(r)Zone

This training is a unique training encompassing most of One Iowa’s LGBTQ inclusion curriculum. Your organization may complete the Safe(r)Zone training in multiple or one session. This training does not include modules and is uniquely priced at $2500. For more information, please get in touch with One Iowa’s programming staff directly.

All training sessions (excluding our SafeZone Series) begin at 1 hour and may be expanded based on organizational need and content added. All training sessions may include any module from the selected list. Additionally, training may be requested in Spanish; for more information on sessions in Spanish, please email

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Pricing & Module Add Ons:

Training Fee: $500/hr
Recording Fee: $1000/yr
Milage fee (for in-person): IRS milage rate 

  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Religion Best Practices
  • Employer Best Practices
  • Healthcare Best Practices
  • Mental Health Best Practices
  • Dental Best Practices
  • LGBTQ-Affirming Direct Service
  • Athletic Best Practices
  • LGBTQ Iowan Health Outcomes
  • Small Business Best Practices
  • Nonprofit Best Practices
  • Inclusive Workplace Policies

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