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AIDS Researchers Among Dead In Malaysian Flight, Iowans Call It a “Medical Setback”

DES MOINES, Iowa – In Iowa, it’s reported that 2,000 people are living with HIV.

Malaysian Airlines flight 17 which was shot down from the skies of Ukraine, killed all 298 passengers on board. It’s reported 100 of those were some of the world’s leading AIDS researchers. They were traveling to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia to discuss medical advancement and ways to cope with HIV.

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Hobby Lobby Case Affects Us All

The recent Supreme Court ruling inBurwell v. Hobby Lobby is an affront to women in the continued misguided ideological attempt to gut hard-fought health and reproductive freedoms.  Setting a dangerous precedent, the 5-4 decision ruled that closely held corporations have the right to deny women access to basic, affordable and important health care based on religious freedom guarantees.

Five male justices in a conservative bloc ruled to deny reproductive healthcare in the Hobby Lobby case, including contraception. The three women on the bench dissented.  In fact, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her dissent that the exemption sought by Hobby Lobby would “deny legions of women who do not hold their employers’ beliefs access to contraceptive coverage… The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.”

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