Transgender Iowans

One Iowa prioritizes the lives and rights of transgender Iowans. We continue to expand and provide resources to the transgender community.

Iowa’s Civil Rights Act specifically protects transgender individuals from discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression. However, while many of the laws in Iowa have progressed to protect transgender and gender non-conforming Iowans, we still have a long way to go.

One Iowa stimulates meaningful dialogue surrounding important issues that affect transgender Iowans:

  • One Iowa has helped provide support for transgender groups to organize around Transgender Day of Remembrance.
  • Through our Transforming Corrections Culture program, we provide comprehensive training to law enforcement and corrections officers at all levels to help them understand the unique challenges our transgender community faces in the criminal justice system.
  • Working with healthcare providers who specialize in issues related to transgender individuals, we help to inform other healthcare professionals and agencies about how to address transgender people who might be transitioning, and what kind of resources exist to help them through this sometimes challenging process.

Resources for Transgender Iowans