Max Mowitz

Trans Day of Remembrance 2021

Trans Day of Remembrance is a challenging day. During the week of Trans Day of Remembrance, organizations and individuals show their support for the Trans and Nonbinary community, posting on social media and hosting events. But as the broader community turns its attention Trans and Nonbinary people, our community is mourning. Trans Day of Remembrance isn’t about sharing your pronouns or using gender-neutral language. Trans Day of Remembrance is about the countless lives lost to Trans violence and hate and the systems that reinforce and support that violence.

According to a report released by the Human Rights Campaign, at least 45 transgender and gender non-conforming people were killed in the United States this year – making it the deadliest in history. And while much of the world pauses to mourn the lives of these individuals, I’m asking for something more from you this year, especially if you are an ally.

Fight and dismantle the systems that cause this violence in the first place. Make yourself uncomfortable. Give a damn about Trans and Nonbinary individuals all year long, not just November 20th. We don’t need your thoughts and prayers. We need real action.

The large majority of the individuals lost by this violence are Black Trans women and men. As such, we must be committed to fighting racism, transmisogyny, and white supremacy in our work. It is not enough to be a Trans and Nonbinary ally if you do not level with these larger systems that are killing our community. Of course, connecting with our work at One Iowa is important because we are fighting for LGBTQ liberation in the state of Iowa, but don’t stop there. Get connected with your local anti-racism organizations. Engage with local mutual aid. Attend city council meetings and advocate for policies that will impact marginalized people in your local communities. Connect with One Iowa Action for policy and advocacy updates as the legislative session approaches and threatens the rights of our community.

You can continue the fight to preserve and uplift Trans, and Nonbinary lives. There are so many ways to be involved; just take the first step. And if you need support, the staff at One Iowa are here to help.