Safe Zone Designation Program

All people deserve safe, welcoming and inclusive environments – a Safe Zone.

One Iowa’s Safe Zone Designation program prepares workplaces, campuses, and communities to create and signify safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ) individuals.

Safe Zone training is a six-hour intensive, interactive workshop. Training staff will be available to answer participants’ questions as they arise in the 24 months following the program. Space in training sessions is limited.

Participants in Safe Zone training will learn:

  • how gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation contribute to our identities
  • to identify and combat myths and stereotypes about LGBTQ people
  • how to create a safe and inclusive space
  • the legal and policy issues around LGBTQ equality
  • actions they can take to support equality and inclusion

How do I sign up for Safe Zone training?

Safe Zone training is available to individuals and groups on-site at your business, agency, campus, or school.

To schedule an on-site training for your group contact us.