From Craig Matzke, Jail Program Coordinator with ILEA:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and the hundreds of law enforcement professionals that you and your staff have trained…

Not only is your training beneficial in our professional lives, your training has also benefited so many in their personal lives.

During your participation in the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy’s Jail Training Program, I have seen and heard the impact of the training provided by One Iowa. Your program is engaging and informative and gives a comfortable forum to discuss issue.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with One Iowa in providing training on those issues that impact Iowa citizens.

From Sean Strub, Executive Director for The Sero Project:

One Iowa has consistently demonstrated outstanding and effective leadership on hIV issues…One Iowa was one of the very first LGBTQ rights organizations in the entire United States to take on HIV criminalization as a priority issue, providing office space, reliable counsel and strategic advice, grassroots support and lobbying muscle.

Working with them was a remarkable experience for me as an activist and a native Iowan, one that made me proud.

One Iowa has also been in the forefront of statewide LGBTQ equality groups working to reengage the broader LGBTQ community on issues relating to the epidemic, not just reform of criminalization statutes. They are a model cited by grassroots AIDS activists around the country.

From Dr. Rich Salas, Dean, Des Moines University:

In the last 3 years, Des Moines University has developed a strong partnership with One Iowa. This partnership has allowed us to support the amazing work One Iowa spearheads as well as benefits the DMU campus as a result of the cultural competency trainings and safe zone trainings/panels that several One Iowa staff members continuously help facilitate.

The One Iowa Annual LGBT Health and Wellness Conference has been held at DMU the last few years to empower community members, students, faculty and staff to become more aware of the health inequities faced by the lGBT community.

Des Moines University is proud to partner with One Iowa!

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