Safiya Lee-Evans

Safiya (she/her/hers) grew up in New Zealand and Australia and recently immigrated to the United States. After completing a number of tertiary qualifications in fine art, photography and business, she went on to work in graphic design, marketing, and business development.

A passionate artist, Safiya has exhibited works at a number of shows in Iowa and had her first solo gallery exhibition in 2018. Safiya has been asked to tour rural Iowa schools in 2020 and speak to students about her life and art. As a member of the One Iowa LGBTQ Leadership Institute, Safiya hopes to become an outspoken, confident advocate for young LGBTQ artists.

When she’s not painting, Safiya works with Iowa Innovation to help keep their office running smoothly. She also loves spending time with her wife, Claire, and their babies, Pez and Purrcious.