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Meet The LGBTQ Leadership Institute Class of 2020

We are thrilled to announce the cohort for the 2020 LGBTQ Leadership Institute has been selected!

The LGBTQ Leadership Institute gives emerging leaders the tools they need to empower others and ensure the future strength of LGBTQ equality in Iowa.

Now in its third year, the LGBTQ Leadership Institute gives aspiring leaders the tools they need to serve in positions of influence — to empower others and ensure the future strength of LGBTQ equality in Iowa. The visibility of having out leaders is invaluable to the workplace in creating more inclusive policies and environments and shifting hearts and minds.

During the selection process, marginalized members of the community who often can’t access leadership development like trans and non-binary people, people of color, women, and veterans were prioritized. The group will meet for four months and learn about LGBTQ history, gain leadership skills, connect with LGBTQ mentors and create an individualized plan to help them achieve their leadership goals during and after the program.

Meet the Leadership Institute Class of 2020:

McKena Richardson
Frieda Bequeaith
Gina Weekley
Nicole Holmberg
Milan Kaut
Tony Sivanthaphanith
Mitchell Hooyer
Zayne Chrysanthemum
Zachary Rochester
Jen Stout
Kaitlyn Munro
William Garrison
Oliver Trousdale
Austin Berger
Artemis Rivera

We will keep folks updated on their progress throughout the program and share more about each participant in spotlights on our Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks.