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One Iowa 2020 Leadership Institute – Applications Due April 15th

One Iowa’s Leadership Institute is a four-month program for LGBTQ Iowans to gain the skills needed to take on high level positions in their prospective careers.

The curriculum encourages individuals to plan for and reach goals ranging from nonprofit leadership, community organization, running for office, and more. Past alumni and more about the program can be found on the One Iowa Leadership Institute page.

Skills Developed Through the One Iowa Leadership Institute

Nearly half of LGBTQ individuals do not share their identities at work according to a 2018 Human Rights Campaign report. When people are out at work they have greater job satisfaction, increased productivity, and improved job retention.

LGBTQ leaders improve environments for other LGBTQ people by being out. For example, even a small number of LGBTQ legislators significantly increases the chance that LGBTQ rights protections will be passed.

LGBTQ leaders can inspire their closeted peers to come out and encourage LGBTQ youth to become leaders, perpetuating a cycle of empowerment.

LGBTQ Leadership Institute class members gain access to leadership opportunities in their community and interest areas, in addition to networking opportunities with established community leaders. 2018 LGBTQ Leadership Institute graduates have used their Institute experience to join boards and commissions, start their own nonprofits, become certified advocates, pursue their passions through academic research, and more.

Apply for One Iowa’s 2020 LGBTQ Leadership Institute.

Applications close April 15th.