One Iowa Celebrates Iowa Supreme Court’s Unanimous Decision to Strike Down Transgender Surgery Medicaid Ban, Will Speak Today at ACLU of Iowa Press Conference

On Friday, March 8, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of EerieAnna Good and Carol Anne Beal (represented by the ACLU of Iowa) in Good-Beal v. Iowa Dept. of Human Services, striking down Iowa’s ban on Medicaid coverage for medically necessary surgical care for transgender Iowans. The court ruled that the ban violates the Iowa Civil Rights Act’s gender identity protections.

One Iowa Director of Policy and Advocacy, Keenan Crow will speak at an ACLU of Iowa press conference today at 12:30 p.m at the ACLU of Iowa offices.

“We are thrilled that our state’s ban on transition-related surgical care has been struck down,” One Iowa Executive Director Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel said. “Through our work with transgender Iowans, we have seen firsthand how powerful, life-changing, and absolutely essential gender-affirming surgery can be for transgender people grappling with gender dysphoria. This decision will, quite literally, save lives. It also sets a strong judicial precedent for protecting transgender Iowans’ civil rights in our state’s highest court.

There are many people behind today’s victory. I thank the ACLU of Iowa for their incredible legal work, EerieAnna Good and Carol Anne Beal for their immense courage in publicly opposing this ban, and the Iowa Supreme Court for making the right decision to ensure transgender people can equally access Medicaid coverage.”