One Iowa Partners with Tallgrass Theatre Company to Preview LGBTQ-Themed Play Stop Kiss for LGBTQ People and Educate Broader Community

Tallgrass Theatre Company has partnered with One Iowa, a statewide LGBTQ organization, to provide a special preview of their latest LGBTQ-themed play, Stop Kiss by Diana Son, to 100 members of the LGBTQ community free of charge. Attendees reserved their spots through One Iowa in advance.

Doors open for the preview at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 18 at Rex Mathes Auditorium in Rex Mathes Elementary School. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m.

One Iowa will facilitate a talkback session featuring local LGBTQ people after both this preview and after the show on Saturday, January 27. Stop Kiss runs Fridays and Saturdays, January 19 through February 3.

Stop Kiss is Tallgrass Theatre Company’s Fifth Annual Dream Project, a design-driven project featuring Ty Klobassa and Erica Spiller. Spiller also directs the production.

“We’re thrilled that Tallgrass Theatre Company is presenting a play featuring LGBTQ characters and themes for their 5th Annual Dream project,” One Iowa Executive Director Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel said. “Seeing LGBTQ characters in plays and other forms of media gives LGBTQ people the opportunity to see themselves reflected in meaningful narratives. These narratives can help them internalize how much their own stories and lives matter. This play also provides an opportunity for those outside the LGBTQ community to connect with and understand the life experiences of LGBTQ people. We’re excited to work with Tallgrass Theatre Company to ensure Stop Kiss’s impact reaches far beyond the theater seats.”

“Tallgrass Theatre Company is honored to partner with One Iowa on our 5th Dream Project, Diana Son’s Stop Kiss,” Tallgrass Theatre Company Artistic Director Thomas D. Perrine said. “Stop Kiss first opened in 1998 dealing with themes that, at the time, were raw and uncomfortable to talk about. Today, 20 years later, with the work of organizations like One Iowa these themes might not seem so ‘raw’, but they are still hard to talk about for many. Please join One Iowa and Tallgrass Theatre Company as we openly discuss, educate and Dream.”

Tickets for Stop Kiss may be purchased here.