New LGBTQ Health Resource List Includes Information on More Than 80 Providers

One Iowa has released the first iteration of a new online resource: the LGBTQ Health Resource List. This list includes information about over 80 primary care providers, urgent care clinics, hospitals, dentists and other health care providers across Iowa. We surveyed health care providers throughout the state via email and phone, asking them about their nondiscrimination policies, intake forms, staff training programs and more. Providers’ self-attested responses to the survey are documented in this list to help LGBTQ Iowans find a provider in their area that fits their needs. Click here to view the survey One Iowa distributes to providers.

One Iowa will continue reaching out to providers to both build the list and provide guidance and training to health care providers.

Click here to access the LGBTQ Health Resource List.

The list documents the following information for each provider:

  • Name of provider with a hyperlink to their website
  • City (or cities) where the provider is located
  • Intake forms’ inclusion of the following:
    • Preferred Name (PN)
    • Preferred Pronoun (PP)
    • Sexual Orientation (SO)
    • Gender Identity (GI)
  • Whether or not the practice has a written non-discrimination policy
    • Whether or not that policy includes sexual orientation (SO) and/or gender identity (GI)
  • Whether or not staff have received LGBTQ-specific cultural competency training
  • Whether or not staff have participated in One Iowa’s Safe Zone designation training

Important Notes:

  • All information provided in the list is self-reported and self-attested by the providers themselves
  • One Iowa does not screen providers and cannot make any guarantees.
  • Inclusion on the LGBTQ Health Resource List does not warrant or imply any endorsement, recommendation, or outcome. You must fully vet each resource.
  • One Iowa does not endorse the quality or type of care provided or sought. Each individual must decide what health care, if any, applies to each person’s specific circumstances.

If you have any corrections, provider recommendations, or questions about this list, please contact One Iowa Communications Specialist Erica Barz via email ([email protected]) or phone (515.288.4019 x207).