U.S. Supreme Court releases surprising decision on marriage equality

DES MOINES–In a surprising and unexpected decision today, the United States Supreme Court will not intervene in any of the marriage equality cases presented to it this session. As a result, all circuit court decisions that struck down marriage bans in five states across the country will go into effect. This means that same-sex couples in Virginia, Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma and Wisconsin will be able to get married.

The following is a statement from Donna Red Wing, Executive Director of One Iowa. One Iowa is the state’s leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organization working to ensure full equality for LGBT individuals through grassroots efforts and education.

“What a wonderful moment in history to be a part of the LGBT movement toward equality for all. This is why our courts matter. Our judiciary has proven time and time again that equality means equality for all, including the LGBT community. As we celebrate this victory, let us not forget that there is still so much work to do. While the laws continue to change, our culture may take a little bit longer to catch up. We must continue to educate our friends, families and neighbors here in Iowa and across the country about the importance of equality for LGBT families. We must continue to ensure safe and accepting communities for our youth, some of whom may be struggling with their own sexual or gender identities. We must expand access to resources for our transgender brothers and sisters, especially in our rural communities. And so much more…

“Still, we celebrate this victory for the LGBT community as five more states embrace the freedom to marry, and thousands more couples will be able to walk down the aisle. Congratulations to our friends at Lambda Legal, American Civil Liberties Union, American Foundation for Equal Rights, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders for this amazing win. We applaud you, and your wonderful work.”