One Iowa joins Justice Not Politics coalition

One Iowa is proud to support the new coalition, Justice Not Politics, in an effort to protect the integrity and impartiality of Iowa’s courts. We are in great company; wonderful groups like ACLU of Iowa, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, Iowa Civil Rights Commission, and incredible community and faith leaders have already signed on.

Join us in supporting Justice Not Politics!

We know you’ve been following Bob Vander Plaats’ creation of “Iowa for Freedom”, and are as concerned as we are about this vehemently anti-gay former gubernatorial candidate taking out his frustration on our court system.

Justice Not Politics is a broad-based, nonpartisan coalition of organizations and Iowans — Republicans, Independents and Democrats — committed to protecting the judicial system that has served Iowa well for almost 50 years.

Iowa’s merit selection and retention process keeps politics and campaign money out of our courts, safeguarding their fairness and impartiality. Iowa courts have a long history of protecting the rights of every litigant from the average worker to large corporations. In order to maintain that high standard, the retention of Iowa judges should be based on their ability to uphold the law fairly and consistently – not political retribution for the outcome of a single decision.

Now we know “Iowa for Freedom” is being financed by out-of-state extremist groups like the American Family Association and the National Organization for Marriage. As a One Iowa reader, we encourage you to learn more about Justice, Not Politics and help educate Iowans about the importance of keeping politics out of our courts.