Mr. Branstad: Reconsider your vow to repeal freedom to marry

I am married to my husband of 29 years and I cannot imagine being told by my state or my community that we could not legally marry! Love between two adults is just that… between two adults. Man or woman, gay or lesbian, love is love. Thank you, in advance, for honoring Iowa’s recent history regarding the right of all to legally marry!
– Jean, Hazleton, IA

As a working , tax-paying citizen of Iowa and a supporter of equality and fair treatment for all people, I am hoping that you will maintain an attitude of respect and dignity to same sex couples who have chosen to marry, and those that will have plans to marry in the future. Same sex marriage does not impose a threat to any religious institutions as they can choose who they want to marry within the confines of their organization. Under the ruling of the Iowa Supreme Court, this has became a civil right which should not be altered.
– Mark, Iowa City

I was born and raised in Iowa but have been gone for more than 17 years. The day the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage I happened to be visiting my home state and I can’t tell you how happy and proud I was to be from Iowa. I have several friends in the gay community and to know that they now had the same rights as me was a wonderful feeling.

Iowa must remain a state proud to allow people to live their lives and to love who they want to love. NOBODY has the right to take that away.