Mr. Branstad: Marriage not a ‘special right’

Iowans are really stepping up to let Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad know Iowans appreciate their history of fairness. It’s easy! Send your letter today!

My partner Dan Hering, 1947 graduate of USMA (West Point), and I have a retirement farmhouse near Danbury, Iowa.

Dan and I have been together since 1968 and know the importance of marriage, both socially and financially, to gay couples.

Please don’t let gay citizens down. We pay our taxes, as much if not more than others, but get cut out of many benefits.

I remember my aunt Emma Schrader Brueck saying how much it meant to her to be able to vote (women’s suffrage). She was 30 years old before she had the right to vote. Dan and I feel similarly about ‘gay rights’.

Gay rights aren’t ‘special rights’. Those who seek to deny gay marriage essentially demand ‘special rights’ for themselves to promote bigoted beliefs that persecute gays.

In the past Iowa opted for economically negative factors: high sales tax; income tax; death tax; and poor roads, many unpaved.

Iowa has traditionally been a socially ‘forward-looking’ state. Iowa does not need yet ‘another nail in its economic coffin’ (social backwardness) to further repel business and alienate taxpayers.

Please Keep Iowa Open for Business.
– Joel, Danbury, IA