Letters to Mr. Branstad

The letters to Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad, letting him know how positive same-sex marriage has been for Iowa, are pouring in. Here are some examples. Make sure you write your letter today!

“I heard of your desire to pass a constitutional amendment taking away the right of marriage from many of my fellow Iowans. When I first heard that Iowa had granted this right, I was extremely proud to be an Iowan. I have told many of my out-of-state friends about Iowa’s progressive attitude and how living here is great for families. As a native Iowan I have had to correct many non-Iowans on their views of our state, and I would be ashamed if such a wonderful example of Iowa’s equality were taken away. Marriage is about love, and please don’t take this right away from your fellow Iowans.

You’re the only governor I remember having when I was growing up, and if this is a point on which you will not waver, then you have lost my vote.”
– Rachel, Ames, IA

“We lived in Iowa most of our lives, but moved recently to be near grandchildren in Minnesota. I was so proud of Iowa allowing gays to marry, as an accepting, non-prejudice state. Many have gay children or relatives, and want them to have full rights. Show that Iowa is a state that affirms others. It is only then that this great state can lead the way.”
– Kay, Bettendorf, IA

“I urge you not to attempt to turn back history with regard to the law on same-sex marriage in Iowa. Freedom is the operative word here. Those who oppose same-sex marriage, on whatever grounds, have the freedom not to enter into it and to encourage those among their friends and families who might consider it not to do so. By contrast, supporting a constitutional amendment against the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians is a mean-spirited, narrow, and freedom-denying position. Iowans for the most part are open to a “live and let live” view of life and I urge you to lead them rather than attempt to lead those who seek to deny individual freedoms for equal status and protection for all citizens of and visitors to our state on this question of marriage.”
– Joseph, Des Moines