Party for Equality!

Marriage in Iowa is in jeopardy this election season, and the only way to prevent a vote on discrimination is to make sure a fair-minded majority is maintained in the legislature. Hosting a house party is a great way to help ensure marriage equality is here to stay!

Terry Branstad has made it clear he favors a vote banning same-sex marriage if elected as Governor in November. According to recent polls, Branstad is favored to win the election, so it is crucial that we get the word out about the pro-equality candidates.

House parties can be thrown in a number of ways — from casual cocktails to evening dinners. There is no pressure as to how you conduct your party, and the goal is to raise $10,000 through house parties this summer.

Parties are a great way to learn more about how you can help the political campaign ahead, mingle with other supporters of equality, and defend all committed and loving couples! With your help, we can keep same-sex marriage a reality in Iowa.

If you have any questions or would like to host a house party before the elections, please contact Jeremy Lewis at (515) 288-4019 ext. 207 or [email protected].