Evan Wolfson: Pledge to end federal marriage discrimination

No two ways about it: The so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” is a prejudiced and aberrant law that hurts gay and lesbian couples and their families.

DOMA says the federal government will depart from the 200+ year tradition of honoring lawful marriages, and deny same-sex couples who are legally married the more than one thousand federal responsibilities and protections of marriage, including Social Security survivor coverage, joint filing of taxes, and equal immigration treatment.  DOMA also prevents the federal government from treating couples married in states like Iowa, one of the five states that joined our Nation’s capital in marrying same-sex couples, as married couples.

Freedom to Marry partnered closely with One Iowa from the beginning to support their work winning and keeping marriage. Now we’re helping other states follow Iowa’s lead, and are building the campaign to repeal DOMA and win marriage nationwide.

Join the movement to end federal marriage discrimination.

Freedom to Marry has a step-by-step Roadmap to Victory to win marriage nationwide.

  • Build a majority for marriage. We will promote a national discussion around gay people and marriage. The conversations we spark will influence public opinion and create the climate that emboldens judges and politicians to do the right thing.
  • Win more states. We will work with state and national partners to win marriage in more key states and continue building momentum for the freedom to marry.
  • End federal marriage discrimination. As we build a national majority for marriage and continue to win marriage in more states, we’ll set the stage for action by Congress or the Supreme Court that will end discrimination against same-sex couples.

Join us in winning marriage nationwide.

While we’re working to end discrimination, well-funded groups like the National Organization Marriage are engaged in an aggressive campaign of anti-gay scare tactics.

Instead of allowing Americans to engage in a real and serious conversation about the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, our opponents have chosen to stoke fears about kids, make false claims about infringement on religious freedom, and drum up allegations of harassment and violence.

Together with you, Freedom to Marry will fight their distortions with the truth and take effective action to win more states, build a majority for marriage, and end federal marriage discrimination.

Join us.

Thanks for all you do,

Evan Wolfson
Executive Director, Freedom to Marry